Rock Paper Scissors Master
Rock Paper Scissors Master is available in the App Store.  It brings unprecedented features for local or network play, and helpful statistics for improving your play against each opponent.
How it works:
  1.   Start a 1 player game against the computer, a 2 player local game on the device, with users taking turns, or a 2 player network game
  2.   Choose your nickname
  3.   For network games, one player starts the game and gives the “Game ID” they receive to the other player, who then “Joins” the game using that ID.
  4.   If necessary, the game creator can leave the game to send the ID via SMS text message or phone, then rejoin using the ID themselves.
  5.  Each player chooses Rock, Paper, or Scissors, and the game is on!
Useful Features:
  1.   Send chat messages to your network opponent.
  2.   View chat history (this is kept until you clear it, leaving the application doesn’t clear it).
  3.  Victory, tie, and loss sounds let you know when your opponent has made a move if you aren’t watching.  (Sound can be turned off).
  4.  Can invite your friends to buy the app as well via an SMS invite feature that sends a text message with the App Store link.
 Usage Notes:
  1.   Must be installed on every device with which you wish to connect.  Requires a wifi or 3G connection to connect.
  2.   The last network Game ID you were in is stored in case you have to leave the game to take a call. It is put in the “Join” field by default.
RPS Master 1.3
Tuesday, September 29, 2009