Connect, Chat, Share
ChatMaster v3.0 is now available in the Apple App Store.  Share with other iPhone / iPod touch users on your local network or over the internet.
Now includes Push Alerts so you receive messages even when you are offline!
  1.   Multi-party chat
  2.   Personalized icons
  3.   Record and send audio notes
  4.   Share photos from your device camera or photo library
  5.   Share contact information
Advantages over other chat applications:
  1.   Works even on many networks where chat providers have been blocked
  2.   Messages are sent device-to-device and are not logged on a central server as with major chat providers
 More than just chat:
  1.   Share images with your friends at wi-fi speeds
  2.   Give that personal touch with an audio note
  3.   Send contact addresses, emails, and phone numbers out of your contact list
 Usage Notes:
  1.   Chat Master must be installed on every device and requires a wifi connection to connect
  2.   Chat Master will continue to work if your phone goes to sleep.  Leave it running, and turn on the vibrate option to notify you when you receive a message!
  3.   Photos taken directly from the camera are large and require a lot of time and memory to transfer.  If the send button is white, it’s in the process of transferring the photo.
  4.   Conserve system resources by saving images to your library and clearing history often.
Chat Master v3.0
Wednesday, September 23, 2009