Push To Talk comes to the iPhone
PushToTalk v2.3 is now available in the Apple App Store.  Connect with your friends and family any time, anywhere with the convenience of Push To Talk style communication.
Now with Push Alerts for when you or your friend is not online.
How it works:
  1.   Choose a group name and password and share it with your friends
  2.   Choose your nickname and personal icon
  3.   Press and hold the talk button, just like a walkie-talkie.  When the red light on the button lights, start talking.
  4.   Your voice message will be sent instantly to all your friends.
Useful Features:
  1.   "Whisper" to a single friend by selecting their name on the list of online friends.
  2.  Keeps you online and doesn't sleep so you won't miss any important messages.  (Leaving it running may affect battery discharge time, however).
  3.  Customizable tones to alert you to an incoming message (but less annoying than certain cell phone providers' push to talk tones)
  4.  Maintains a history of messages you have received in case you didn't hear something correctly
  5.  Works over the internet (wi-fi for best results), or also has an optimized peer-to-peer "local" mode if your friends are all on the same network. Neither causes SMS or airtime usage.
 Usage Notes:
  1.   Must be installed on every device with which you wish to connect.  Requires a wifi connection to connect.
  2.   Audio traffic is transmitted across the network, so avoid sharing private or sensitive information.
  3. -  Photos for icons taken directly from the camera are large and require a lot of time and memory to transfer.  
  4. -  Performs best with short messages.
  5. -  Conserve system resources by clearing history often.
PushToTalk v2.3
Monday, April 12, 2010